About Us

  Cali Chic®, LLC is for the "Chic" lady in mine

Cali Chic®, LLC is for the "Chic" lady in mine

Cali Chic is a new clothing brand name that sells swimsuits, cover ups, denim jackets, outerwear, casual street wear to yoga wear, just to name a few items we sell. We have flavored our brand on the "Cali Vibe" by being chic, creative, dynamic, bold and fearless women around the World, making a difference. 

From swimsuits to cover ups, to denim wear to club wear, cardigan sweaters to hoodies, and yoga wear, all our pieces are designed with love using patterns, textures, and high-quality fabrics ready for beach to evening casual. We're committed to empowering women around the World to look and feel chic in quality, stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing.

"Get your Cali Chic® on Ladies"(SM) - "UBEONE"(SM)-CALI CHIC®"

"making a difference with a real positive attitude, one cross stitch at a time"(SM)-"U B the Difference"(SM).

CALI CHIC® thanks for your support,

Cali Chic Team (CCT)