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Cali Chic

Cali Chic Lip Gloss Organic Natural Moisturizing Non GMO Wine Not Individually Sealed

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Cali Chic Organic Lip Gloss Natural Moisturizing Non GMO (Wine Not) HOT NEW All Natural 90% Organic  Gluten Free  Vegan - Cruelty Free  Made in the USA using ALL NATURAL with Certified Organic Ingredients that are 90% Organic -Non GMO.  Our Luscious Lip Gloss is an all-natural, preservative-free formula with an infusion of antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils and pigments. Natural Oils, Coconut Oil Shea Butter deliver lasting hydration, protective antioxidants, and superior shine without the stickiness. Luscious Lip Gloss glides on effortlessly, and leaves lips feeling moist, hydrated & luscious! Individually Sealed Packaging

Color: Wine Not -514