About Us

  Cali Chic®, LLC is for the "Chic" lady in mine

Cali Chic is a new beachwear & yoga brand inspired and created for chic, creative, dynamic, bold and fearless women around the World, making a difference. We built our brand around the look and feel of the California vibe and reaching women who are moving forward with respect, confidence, style and chicness.  

From swimsuits, chic tops/dresses, denim jackets and yoga wear, all our pieces are designed with love using patterns, textures, and high-quality fabrics ready for beach to evening casual. We're committed to empowering women around the World to look and feel chic in quality, stylish, comfortable and affordable swimwear & yoga wear. 

"Get your Cali Chic® on Ladies"(SM) - "UBEONE"(SM)-CALI CHIC®"  

"making a difference with a real positive attitude, one cross stitch at a time"(SM)-"U B the Difference"(SM). 

CALI CHIC®  thanks for your support,

 Cali Chic Team (CCT)